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BreakThrough Program Introduction

Introduction to BreakThrough! Many of us share a history of unsuccessful diets, concerns about our body image, feelings of frustration, and at times sadness or even shame. Chances are someone close to you also suffers from physical or emotional problems associated with their weight. If you’re feeling that nagging apprehension (or know) you’re not doing… Read more »

Hedonic Hunger and Weight Loss

Hedonic Hunger and Weight Loss Hedonic hunger describes the desire and drive to eat for pleasure in the absence of an energy deficit (Witt & Lowe, 2014). In other words, eating for gratification and not necessity! For this blog think of “hedonic” as “hedonistic,” a pleasurable but naughty, self-indulgent behavior. Most often “hedonistic” consumption correlates with… Read more »

Anxiety and Weight Loss

If you suffer with an anxiety disorder, you know that weight loss or sticking to a diet plan can be extremely challenging.  We may start out every day with the best intentions but by late afternoon we CAVE. In general, where there’s anxiety, there’s usually some form of underlying, unregulated stress. For most of us,… Read more »

Life Stress and Weight Loss

Life stress is unavoidable. However, with Recognition, we can use stress as a powerful tool to help us make important choices and lifestyle changes. I know you’re thinking…How does that work???? The BreakThrough! approach rests on a foundation of 4R’s: Recognition, Resistance, Resilience and Recovery Looking at life stress through the BreakThrough! approach can help… Read more »

Stress Causes Weight Gain

I’m Stressed and Gaining Weight…What Gives? You would think that stress and all that extra nervous energy would cause us to lose weight, but for most of us, the opposite is true!  We gain weight even when we cut back on meals and food. The Science Please The body’s stress response (SR) is an amazing… Read more »

I Eat When I’m Tired

“When I’m tired, I eat everything that’s in front of me. What’s with that?” Fatigue can easily lead to weight gain because appetite is tied to our wake-sleep cycle. Every few years, statistics change regarding the optimal number of hours we should sleep. The average for adults seems to fall between 6 and 7 hours.… Read more »

Why Most Diet Plans Fail

Pitfalls of Dieting Most diet plans fail and people tend to gain back more weight than was lost. Nearly every week we hear about a new diet plan or “super” supplement that will help us lose weight.  We rush out, we buy it, but a few weeks later…we’re disappointed.  Once again we find ourselves looking… Read more »

Our Brain Hates Diets

Brain Regulation and Why Our Brain Hates Diets Our brain hates diets and our punitive attempts at rapid weight loss. The basic role of the brain is to preserve life and maintain an equilibrium supporting physical, intellectual, and emotional functioning. Unless something goes wrong, we’re generally pretty unaware of the millions of interactions occurring between… Read more »

Fat, Food and Hibernation

Humans Were Built for Migration, Not Hibernation BreakThrough! explores the reasons why we eat what we do, and how our thoughts, emotions, and life experience affect our eating behavior. So…to appreciate why we have the tendency to choose foods high in fat, sugar, and carbohydrates, it’s helpful to understand why these foods are so attractive… Read more »

Overcome Self Esteem Issues and Weight Gain

Confidence and Fears Body image, weight, and self-view directly impact our self-esteem. Self-confidence describes how we see ourselves in terms of our traits (strengths and preferences), behaviors, worth, and our sense of the relationships we have with others. Some of us have insecurities or fears of not being seen as “enough.” Not smart enough, attractive enough,… Read more »