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BreakThrough Program Introduction

Introduction to BreakThrough! Many of us share a history of unsuccessful diets, concerns about our body image, feelings of frustration, and at times sadness or even shame. Chances are someone close to you also suffers from physical or emotional problems associated with their weight. If you’re feeling that nagging apprehension (or know) you’re not doing… Read more »

The Role of Food and talking about “ENOUGH”

The Role of Food in Early Development Eating behavior describes all the facets of the relationship we have with food from the moment we’re born. To fully appreciate this relationship let’s consider how our eating behaviors and preferences develop. From birth we’re suddenly exposed to a myriad of sensations; noise, light, touch, temperature, and odors… Read more »

Recovery from Addiction: Wanting & Liking

BREAKTHROUGH! WE CAN RECOVER!© SERIES RECOVERY FROM ADDICTION: WANTING AND LIKING   There’s a significant difference between “wanting” and liking something but too often these concepts are used interchangeably. To be clear, there are separate “wanting” and liking neural pathways in the brain. So why is this important for us to understand? For the purpose… Read more »

Tips On How To Eat More Mindfully

In today’s hectic and confusing world it’s easier than ever to slip into poor eating habits that lead to pre-diabetes, obesity and other health related problems. The good news is that WE CAN RECOVER! We simply need to slow down and eat more mindfully to improve our mental health and weight problems. The explosion of fast food and… Read more »

Depression and Its Effects On Healthy Body Weight

Statistics indicate that there are well over 350 million people across the globe dealing with some level of serious depression. Depression can be characterized by excessive negative mood as well as a general inability to experience pleasure from what would otherwise be pleasurable events or activities. Depression is a powerful emotional state that can exacerbate other mental… Read more »

Stress, Anxiety and Emotional Eating – What it Means to You

It’s accepted that stressors are present everywhere today. In fact, stress is more prevalent in our highly complex and technologically advanced society than it’s ever been. That being said, perhaps one of the most important elements of maintaining healthy body weight is in understanding the impact of stress and anxiety on our body and how… Read more »

Do Just One Thing Different To Lose Weight!

DO JUST ONE THING TO FEEL BETTER & LOSE WEIGHT! We’ve all fallen at least once for celebrity ad that promises “You just have to _____ for 2 weeks and you’ll…” Lose massive amounts of weight Have the energy to run across America Look 10 years younger Win the Nobel Prize for most inspirational, influential… Read more »

Key Concepts Can Prevent Childhood Obesity

Teach Your Children Well: Prevent the Onset of Obesity Key Concepts Prevent Obesity Early concepts that relate directly to lifelong eating habits and weight management are delay of gratification, self-regulation and a sense of “enough.” Delay of Gratification From the perspective of eating and early development, delay of gratification begins with parental influence. Barring any… Read more »

Our Self Esteem, Self-Schema & Weight Loss

Self Esteem Self Esteem is a term that is often over-used to describe how we FEEL ourselves. In psychology the term “self-esteem” is more accurately presented as “self-schema”. The significant difference is that we generally let our feelings define self-esteem but it is our thoughts that define our self-schema. Now you are probably wondering….why the… Read more »

Weight Loss & Temptations

We need to understand how temptation, emotions and cravings cause diets to fail, When we do, then we can develop the knowledge and strength to make healthy choices. BreakThrough! helps us understand our biological, psychological and social/environmental triggers for emotional eating. If we want to succeed and achieve our goals, we have to have a… Read more »

Eat Mindfully To Lose Weight

BreakThrough! Teaches US to Eat Mindfully Eating mindfully helps us lose weight. Even more important, it also presents the opportunity to fully appreciate eating with all our senses. To know that what we’ve chosen is nourishing us, feels good, and… doesn’t need be different to be any better! My favorite mindfulness practice is deliberately sitting… Read more »