Tips On How To Eat More Mindfully

In today’s hectic and confusing world it’s easier than ever to slip into poor eating habits that lead to pre-diabetes, obesity and other health related problems. The good news is that WE CAN RECOVER! We simply need to slow down and eat more mindfully to improve our mental health and weight problems. The explosion of fast food and convenience stores have enabled us eat to on the run. But while this may feed out business or a career it’s hard on our health. To regain health it’s time to shift out consumption toward freshly prepared foods free of preservatives, chemicals and ingredients that result in disordered eating and weight gain.

Clever and Flashy Marketing

Healthy nutritious food doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive.  At the core of mindful eating is grocery shopping and there are some things that make this easier. For example, avoid shopping when you’re hungry and have a plan place before shopping.  Avoid the temptations to be drawn in by clever end-stacks, 3 for 1 deals and strategic targeted marketing designed to distract consumers and sell products.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

There’s an old belief that shopping the outside perimeter of a grocery store is typically healthier. In other words, shopping in the produce section as opposed to the isles where much of the canned, processed and packaged food is located can have a significant impact. Another strategy that can help with mindful eating is to shop more frequently and to make smaller purchases.

Better Food Absorption and Improved Overall Nutrition

Finally, enjoying food in a more mindful way can be as simple as eating with all of the senses. Being focused on the food that you are consuming and how it affects your body can help to circumvent emotional eating or eating related to feelings of sorrow or depression. Even slowing down the eating process can aid digestion and result in better food absorption and improved overall nutrition. Being consciously aware of what you are eating as well as why and how you are eating helps to stay focused on a healthier lifestyle. Making it a point to deliberately sit down for meals that are healthy and nutritious while turning off distracting electronic devices and noises can also produce remarkable results for those wishing to improve health. Contact BreakThrough today to learn more about an improved quality of life and greater levels of physical and mental health through more mindful eating.