Thank you for visiting our resource page. The client and professional resources that support BreakThrough! are an important part of this program. From the privacy of your home, the assessment questions on the bottom of this page can help you start to evaluate your emotional health and the role food plays in your life.These self-report tools are specifically designed to help you and your health care provider identify if it’s time to take steps to overcome emotional eating behaviors.

While it’s not required, most participants in BreakThrough! are referred by their healthcare providers. For many, insurance and employee wellness programs cover a significant portion of this already affordable program.

To provide optimal client placement and use of benefits, we offer an intake appointment with all our clients prior to the start of the program. We want you to have the opportunity to decide if this is the right program for you.  In this appointment you’ll meet with the BreakThrough! professional leading your course. You’ll learn more about the program, review your intake assessments, and ensure any questions you have are answered. There will never be any pressure to sign up for BreakThrough!. As professionals, we recognize that it’s vitally important that people start BreakThrough when they are ready and able to make a commitment to change.

We value your time and we know that you’re busy. That said, one of the key reasons for the intake appointment is to ensure that whenever possible, you are placed with like-minded peers. Past participants have become close friends with fellow group members and this kind of support is invaluable in our lives.


Welcome to BreakThrough!


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