Individual Counseling

For Weight Loss & Wellness

The BreakThrough! program was designed to run in a “closed” group format. However, we do offer individual counseling in the privacy of our Anacortes office for those who would be more comfortable beginning this journey one-on-one. Most insurance plans are accepted including Apple Health and Tricare. These appointments are extremely  limited  and it may take several weeks before a regular weekly opening is available. If you’ve decided it’s time to make some changes just know that we work with compassion, grace, enthusiasm and humor, to help you achieve your goals.

Best Practices

Once we understand the scope of your needs, we will provide you with choices as to the best-practices endorsed for your situation, as well as a realistic expectation of the course and duration of therapy (treatment plan).

Improved Self-View

We particularly enjoy the challenge of helping individuals explore how they view themselves. Too often our inner voice is a miserable critic rather than a helpful coach. Retraining this inner voice lets us recognize and celebrate the best of ourselves and truly experience happiness. Some of this work is specific to weight loss and supporting clients as they make significant lifestyle changes.

Get Started!

For more information, visit the BreakThrough! website to schedule your first appointment.
Other areas of practice include developing coping techniques to recover from depression, anxiety, and behavioral disorders.
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