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The Role of Food and talking about “ENOUGH”

The Role of Food in Early Development Eating behavior describes all the facets of the relationship we have with food from the moment we’re born. To fully appreciate this relationship let’s consider how our eating behaviors and preferences develop. From birth we’re suddenly exposed to a myriad of sensations; noise, light, touch, temperature, and odors… Read more »

Recovery from Addiction: Wanting & Liking

BREAKTHROUGH! WE CAN RECOVER!© SERIES RECOVERY FROM ADDICTION: WANTING AND LIKING   There’s a significant difference between “wanting” and liking something but too often these concepts are used interchangeably. To be clear, there are separate “wanting” and liking neural pathways in the brain. So why is this important for us to understand? For the purpose… Read more »

BreakThrough Program Introduction

Introduction to BreakThrough! Many of us share a history of unsuccessful diets, concerns about our body image, feelings of frustration, and at times sadness or even shame. Chances are someone close to you also suffers from physical or emotional problems associated with their weight. If you’re feeling that nagging apprehension (or know) you’re not doing… Read more »

Anxiety and Weight Loss

If you suffer with an anxiety disorder, you know that weight loss or sticking to a diet plan can be extremely challenging.  We may start out every day with the best intentions but by late afternoon we CAVE. In general, where there’s anxiety, there’s usually some form of underlying, unregulated stress. For most of us,… Read more »

Conditional Love

Conditional love or approval is familiar to many of us. I love you BUT… That’s good BUT… You look nice BUT… You tried your best BUT… In my experience “BUT”…is passive profanity, a curse word in disguise. Conditional love (or approval) can surface early in life and negatively affect how we feel about ourselves thereafter.… Read more »