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Stress, Anxiety and Emotional Eating – What it Means to You

It’s accepted that stressors are present everywhere today. In fact, stress is more prevalent in our highly complex and technologically advanced society than it’s ever been. That being said, perhaps one of the most important elements of maintaining healthy body weight is in understanding the impact of stress and anxiety on our body and how… Read more »

I Eat When I’m Tired

“When I’m tired, I eat everything that’s in front of me. What’s with that?” Fatigue can easily lead to weight gain because appetite is tied to our wake-sleep cycle. Every few years, statistics change regarding the optimal number of hours we should sleep. The average for adults seems to fall between 6 and 7 hours.… Read more »

Why Most Diet Plans Fail

Pitfalls of Dieting Most diet plans fail and people tend to gain back more weight than was lost. Nearly every week we hear about a new diet plan or “super” supplement that will help us lose weight.  We rush out, we buy it, but a few weeks later…we’re disappointed.  Once again we find ourselves looking… Read more »