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Recovery from Addiction: Wanting & Liking

BREAKTHROUGH! WE CAN RECOVER!© SERIES RECOVERY FROM ADDICTION: WANTING AND LIKING   There’s a significant difference between “wanting” and liking something but too often these concepts are used interchangeably. To be clear, there are separate “wanting” and liking neural pathways in the brain. So why is this important for us to understand? For the purpose… Read more »

I Eat When I’m Tired

“When I’m tired, I eat everything that’s in front of me. What’s with that?” Fatigue can easily lead to weight gain because appetite is tied to our wake-sleep cycle. Every few years, statistics change regarding the optimal number of hours we should sleep. The average for adults seems to fall between 6 and 7 hours.… Read more »

Our Brain Hates Diets

Brain Regulation and Why Our Brain Hates Diets Our brain hates diets and our punitive attempts at rapid weight loss. The basic role of the brain is to preserve life and maintain an equilibrium supporting physical, intellectual, and emotional functioning. Unless something goes wrong, we’re generally pretty unaware of the millions of interactions occurring between… Read more »