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Stress, Anxiety and Emotional Eating – What it Means to You

It’s accepted that stressors are present everywhere today. In fact, stress is more prevalent in our highly complex and technologically advanced society than it’s ever been. That being said, perhaps one of the most important elements of maintaining healthy body weight is in understanding the impact of stress and anxiety on our body and how… Read more »

Do Just One Thing Different To Lose Weight!

DO JUST ONE THING TO FEEL BETTER & LOSE WEIGHT! We’ve all fallen at least once for celebrity ad that promises “You just have to _____ for 2 weeks and you’ll…” Lose massive amounts of weight Have the energy to run across America Look 10 years younger Win the Nobel Prize for most inspirational, influential… Read more »

Weight Loss & Temptations

We need to understand how temptation, emotions and cravings cause diets to fail, When we do, then we can develop the knowledge and strength to make healthy choices. BreakThrough! helps us understand our biological, psychological and social/environmental triggers for emotional eating. If we want to succeed and achieve our goals, we have to have a… Read more »

Eat Mindfully To Lose Weight

BreakThrough! Teaches US to Eat Mindfully Eating mindfully helps us lose weight. Even more important, it also presents the opportunity to fully appreciate eating with all our senses. To know that what we’ve chosen is nourishing us, feels good, and… doesn’t need be different to be any better! My favorite mindfulness practice is deliberately sitting… Read more »

Hedonic Hunger and Weight Loss

Hedonic Hunger and Weight Loss Hedonic hunger describes the desire and drive to eat for pleasure in the absence of an energy deficit (Witt & Lowe, 2014). In other words, eating for gratification and not necessity! For this blog think of “hedonic” as “hedonistic,” a pleasurable but naughty, self-indulgent behavior. Most often “hedonistic” consumption correlates with… Read more »

Life Stress and Weight Loss

Life stress is unavoidable. However, with Recognition, we can use stress as a powerful tool to help us make important choices and lifestyle changes. I know you’re thinking…How does that work???? The BreakThrough! approach rests on a foundation of 4R’s: Recognition, Resistance, Resilience and Recovery Looking at life stress through the BreakThrough! approach can help… Read more »

Stress Causes Weight Gain

I’m Stressed and Gaining Weight…What Gives? You would think that stress and all that extra nervous energy would cause us to lose weight, but for most of us, the opposite is true!  We gain weight even when we cut back on meals and food. The Science Please The body’s stress response (SR) is an amazing… Read more »