Category: Emotions and Weight

Eat Mindfully To Lose Weight

BreakThrough! Teaches US to Eat Mindfully Eating mindfully helps us lose weight. Even more important, it also presents the opportunity to fully appreciate eating with all our senses. To know that what we’ve chosen is nourishing us, feels good, and… doesn’t need be different to be any better! My favorite mindfulness practice is deliberately sitting… Read more »

Our Brain Hates Diets

Brain Regulation and Why Our Brain Hates Diets Our brain hates diets and our punitive attempts at rapid weight loss. The basic role of the brain is to preserve life and maintain an equilibrium supporting physical, intellectual, and emotional functioning. Unless something goes wrong, we’re generally pretty unaware of the millions of interactions occurring between… Read more »

Fat, Food and Hibernation

Humans Were Built for Migration, Not Hibernation BreakThrough! explores the reasons why we eat what we do, and how our thoughts, emotions, and life experience affect our eating behavior. So…to appreciate why we have the tendency to choose foods high in fat, sugar, and carbohydrates, it’s helpful to understand why these foods are so attractive… Read more »