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Depression and Its Effects On Healthy Body Weight

Statistics indicate that there are well over 350 million people across the globe dealing with some level of serious depression. Depression can be characterized by excessive negative mood as well as a general inability to experience pleasure from what would otherwise be pleasurable events or activities. Depression is a powerful emotional state that can exacerbate other mental… Read more »

Our Self Esteem, Self-Schema & Weight Loss

Self Esteem Self Esteem is a term that is often over-used to describe how we FEEL ourselves. In psychology the term “self-esteem” is more accurately presented as “self-schema”. The significant difference is that we generally let our feelings define self-esteem but it is our thoughts that define our self-schema. Now you are probably wondering….why the… Read more »

Overcome Self Esteem Issues and Weight Gain

Confidence and Fears Body image, weight, and self-view directly impact our self-esteem. Self-confidence describes how we see ourselves in terms of our traits (strengths and preferences), behaviors, worth, and our sense of the relationships we have with others. Some of us have insecurities or fears of not being seen as “enough.” Not smart enough, attractive enough,… Read more »

Depression and Weight Loss

Aspects of Depression When suffering from depression it may be difficult to get excited about diets and weight loss even though eating healthy is significant to our recovery. Depression can be situational, seasonal, psychological, or caused by other physical conditions (physiological). Sadness, flatness, disinterest, and unhappiness with ourselves are common symptoms of this mood disorder.… Read more »