Welcome to BreakThrough!


It’s OK To CRAVE, but We Don’t Have To CAVE!

Welcome to BreakThrough!, the program that takes us well beyond exercise videos and celebrity-endorsed weight loss plans. This unique and successful program targets the underlying emotional reasons why most of us struggle with our weight. The program is specifically designed to help us overcome patterns of yo-yo dieting and self-defeating behaviors.

BreakThrough, is a psychological approach that humorously and accurately explores why we eat what we do and what we can do to change! People who participate in BreakThrough, have lost a significant amount of weight (15-55 pounds). Follow-up reports and stories illustrate that these individuals continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle and positive sense of self.

The 4R Approach – From REMORSE to RECOVERY

BreakThrough, integrates proven psychological practices from Integrated Weight Management Therapy throughout the course. Paired with the latest research this helps us RECOGNIZE and RESIST the moods and behaviors that sabotage weight loss. In fact, as early as the third session clients fully appreciate and understand their unique triggers and vulnerabilities. Combined with new skills, this understanding builds RESILIENCE which allows the RECOVERY process to begin with great support and resources.

The Breakthrough, workbook, tools, and sessions specifically focus on how our mental and physical health is affected by:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Life Stress
  • Past Trauma
  • Addiction
  • Identity & Family of Origin Issues
  • Relationships
  • Work and Social environments

BreakThrough, is unique in that we learn how to transform the negative inner critic into our own inner coach (or cheerleader). With that transformation, we gain the insight and skills to resist emotional eating. During groups there are some discussions that default to diet, nutrition, and food choices, but that’s not the primary focus.

What to Expect From BreakThrough!

So what can you expect from the program? A break through for sure given the broad scope of the discussions that focus on both mental and physical health. Probably one of its best features is that (unlike a weekend seminar) the program is typically delivered in 12 sessions over the course of several months. This provides ongoing support, camaraderie, and continuity in your community.

From the outset, BreakThrough! has been designed to work in conjunction with healthcare providers, hospital and bariatric centers, weight loss clinics, treatment programs, and community support groups.

For most participants, the cost of the program is covered by health insurance or employee wellness programs.

The BreakThrough! structure and group format has several key benefits. It provides participants with:

  • The opportunity to develop insight and understanding in a structured, safe environment
  • Skills that support lasting change
  • A positive self-view and inner coach
  • The chance to make new friendships with like-minded peers
  • Motivation to make healthier choices
  • Continuing peer group support following program completion

For more information please browse the Program Information Program Information or Blog page BreakThrough! Blog. If you’re ready to make a change click on this link I’m Ready to schedule your free BreakThrough! appointment.

Once again Welcome to BreakTrough You have made the right choice .Join us on a new way of life !